4 Things NOT to do before closing a home


Top 5 things not to do before closing on a home!
  1. Don't make any big purchases: Avoid making any large purchases such as a car, furniture or appliances before the closing. This can negatively impact your credit score and debt-to-income ratio, which can affect your loan approval.

  2. Don't change jobs: Changing jobs can affect your mortgage approval, so it's best to avoid switching jobs before closing on a home. This could cause the lender to question your ability to pay back the loan.

  3. Don't make large deposits or withdrawals: Large deposits or withdrawals from your bank account can raise red flags for lenders. Keep your finances stable and avoid making any sudden changes to your bank account.

  4. Don't miss a payment. Utility payments or credit card payments. How that can affect your credit score and then cause issues with your loan approval.

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