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Exclusive Spotlight: A Gem in South Beach - Where Luxury Meets Lifestyle

If you're seeking a practical living space in South Beach, the condo at 1611 Meridian Ave Unit 108 deserves attention. This post will provide an objective overview of the property, focusing on its specifications, amenities, and location.

Location: Proximity to Essentials This condo is situated a short distance from Lincoln Road, a hub known for its variety of shops and restaurants. Its location is practical for individuals who enjoy having routine amenities within walking distance, including grocery stores, eateries, and retail shops.

Specifications: What the Unit Offers The condo features one bedroom and one bathroom, covering an area of 561 square feet. It's a suitable option for singles or couples looking for a manageable space. The living area is designed to accommodate standard necessities, providing a functional setup for dining and relaxation.

Kitchen: Functional and Ready for Use The kitchen is equipped with a new cooktop and standard appliances. While not expansive, it is sufficient for daily cooking activities and meal preparation.

Bedroom and Bathroom: Basic Comforts The bedroom size accommodates a comfortable bed and necessary furniture, with additional closet space for personal storage. The bathroom is updated and includes a walk-in shower, meeting basic needs without excess luxury.

Safety Features: Added Security For peace of mind, the condo is fitted with impact-resistant windows. The building's exterior is gated, and there's a secure door at the entrance, enhancing the unit's security.

Connectivity: Internet and Cable The inclusion of internet and cable in the HOA fees is a convenient feature, eliminating the need for separate arrangements and providing cost clarity.

Property Showings: Straightforward Viewing Process Potential buyers interested in viewing the property can expect a straightforward process. The emphasis is on efficiency, respecting the time commitments of all parties involved.

Investment Consideration: Property in a Desirable Neighborhood For those considering this property as an investment, its location in South Beach is a notable factor. The area is popular among locals and visitors, which could be advantageous for future property value.

Summary: The condo at 1611 Meridian Ave Unit 108 is a practical choice for those seeking a straightforward living space in South Beach. With its essential amenities, functional living space, and secure setup, it meets the fundamental requirements for someone looking to live in a bustling Miami neighborhood without the need for extravagant luxury. Its clear-cut features and location make it a sensible consideration for potential homeowners or investors.

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